Increase your salesand customer satisfaction

01. Increase customer satisfaction

Yellowtab tablet is available for the customers during e.g. when having a haircut. Customer can read magazines, news. watch videos or play games

02. Targeted content

Wide variety of digital content. Hairdressers can choose the content into the Yellowtab tablet that interests their customers.

03. Information about your products

During the service hairdresser can promote and give more information about their products and services. It can also contain information for the hairdresser what is the best way to use products.

04. Sell and market your products and services

Products can be selected in various ways e.g. product vs product family. It not necessary to choose only one product. Brand marketing works as well. You can market other services as well e.g. nail treatments, massages etc...

About us

Yellowtab is a new tailor-made digital media. It combines all things that might interest a customer from several different channels: magazines, newspapers, blogs, and carefully selected advertisers. With Yellowtab, your customers will always enjoy the latest, highly customized content. This why your advertisement get the best exposure and reaches your targeted audience.

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