Increase room service sales even up to 40% and customer experience

Yellowtab for Hotels replaces old fashioned printed info booklets. Guests will find effectively local services, local information about the city, and products which interests them. In addition these tailored tablets enable fast and easy way of ordering from the room service. Yellowtab also has a wide range of interesting content. Including magazines, news, videos and more! Yellowtab combines relevant information and entertainment for the guest.

01. Room service ordering made fast and easy

Food ordering is now fast and easy. Room service system recognizes from, which room the order has been placed. This makes delivery simple.

02. Wide range of content

Yellowtab solution offers wide range of content, which is easy to use and is available 24/7.

03. Hotel info booklet

With the new Yellowtab solution guest are guaranteed to find easily the information they you are looking for. All the information is up-to-date. No need to print anymore if updates to the info booklet are needed.

04. Regional and local information

Guests' will find regional and local offerings easily. Finding travel tips and other interesting things near by saves the guest's time. No need to google anymore.

For Hotel customer


Earn up to +0,20€ per day per room!  Or 5,95€ monthly or 71,39€  yearly per room.

Digital sales and customer service channel

Increase room service sales even up to 40%

Entertainment, usefull information, magazines etc..

Digital hotel info booklet (save in printing costs and make your hotel more environmentally friendly)

Customer Stories

About us

Yellowtab is a new tailor-made digital media. It combines all things that might interest a customer from several different channels: magazines, newspapers, blogs, and carefully selected advertisers. With Yellowtab, your customers will always enjoy the latest, highly customized content.


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