Advertise to your target audience in realtime and cost-efficiently!

Why Yellowtab reaches your target audience?

Advertisements are part of the user interface and they can’t be blocked like e.g. banner advertisements on the internet. Experience has shown that this is very effective way to engage possible customers if the product or service is nearby.

Advertise in hotels the capital area. The usage rate of tablets is over 90%. On average 12% tablet users click an advertisement and best advertisements has got 8.6% conversion rate.

Guests will find effectively local services, local information about the city, and products which interests them. In addition, these tailored tablets enable fast and easy way of ordering from the room service and the tablets contain wide range of interesting content. Including magazines, news, videos and more!

01. Your advertisements gets exposure as the customers use our Yellowtab tablets

• Handy and targeted advertisement channel for hotel customers

02. Wide range of content for all ages

Yellowtab solution offers wide range of content, which is easy to use and is available 24/7.

03. Hotel specific information

With the new Yellowtab solution guest are guaranteed to find easily the information they you are looking for. All the information is up-to-date. No need to print anymore if updates to the info booklet are needed. Advertise as a part of hotel's "Yellow Pages".

04. Regional and local information attracts customers to use the tablets

Guests' will find regional and local offerings easily. Finding travel tips and other interesting things near by saves the guest's time. No need to google anymore. This why your advertisement will reach your target audience.

User Experiences


In hotels Yellowtab tablets reaches 92% of potential customers and the best advertisements have reached 8.6% conversion rate!

Digital sales, customer service and advertisement channel

Increase the exposure of your advertisement locally and effciently

Cost effetctive advertisement channel

All the time growing advertisement channel network

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About us

Yellowtab is a new tailor-made digital media. It combines all things that might interest a customer from several different channels: magazines, newspapers, blogs, and carefully selected advertisers. With Yellowtab, your customers will always enjoy the latest, highly customized content. This why your advertisement get the best exposure and reaches your targeted audience.

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